"Vigilance by grassroots citizens against the growth of government and taxes at all levels is necessary to prevent the transfer of power from the governed to tyrannical politicians."


Bill McMaster, State Chairman

Taxpayers United Michigan Foundation

Taxpayers United Michigan Foundation (TUMF) is an outgrowth of Taxpayers United, founded in 1976 to muster statewide support for the successful 1978 Headlee Tax Limitation Amendment led by Dick Headlee, Insurance Company President - Civic Activist (Retired to low tax State of Utah in 1994, died 2004.)


Dr. Milton Friedman (deceased 2006) learned from then Headlee Amendment Campaign Director Bill McMaster that he won the Nobel Prize in Economics while campaigning across Michigan establishing his famous axiom: "Corporations don't pay taxes. People do!"


For 41 years, Bill McMaster has continued as State Chairman (Volunteer) building TUMF into Michigan's most active nonpartisan, nonprofit grassroots taxpayer organization defending citizen rights under our Michigan Constitution.


TUMF has always been headquartered in the offices of McMaster Marketing & PR. In 2006, TUMF became qualified to receive tax deductible contributions under IRS Code 501(c)(3) "Education in the public interest".